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Want to explore the world each month? 
Join us for our Global Passport Culinary Club Experience!

Immigrants from every world region call Akron and the surround Northeast, Ohio region home!   This brings many benefits to the area, including a wealth of amazing restaurants offering delicious ethnic cuisine. 
Join us as we explore a special region of the world each month with our
fellow Ohioans over a meal and a brief introduction to the culture.  

What is included? 
When you register you will receive your own Global Passport!  This passport will be your entrance to the restaurants for the meals you pre-registered to attend.  At each venue, your passport will be stamped and, periodically, those with the most stamps will be entered into a drawing to win a free meal or other special culturally authentic gift!  This passport will also enable you to register for additional tasting opportunities scattered throughout the year (2019 – 2020) including at least one special wine, beer and/or dessert, coffee tasting!  

At each culinary club experience, you will travel vicariously through the
personal story of a cultural speaker who will share their experience growing up in that specific culture/country and a little bit about the meal selection.  
The meal will include a vegetarian option and a non-alcoholic beverage.  If you would like alcohol, and it is offered at that restaurant, then you are responsible for that cost.  Details will be included in the summary sent to global passport holders.  

Beginning in October 2019, we will be offering a minimum of one lunch, dinner, or special tasting per month through June 2020.  The exact dates and locations will be shared with all Global Passport Culinary Club holders.   

These lunches and dinners will be offered through local cultural centers,religious places of worship or restaurants in Summit & Cuyahoga County.  

How do we get there? 
You are responsible for your own transportation. 

The cost of the Global Passport is $50 per year (12 months) and you will receive your passport at the first culinary experience you attend.

In addition, each meal or tasting varies in cost from $15 to $35 depending on the venue, the meal and what is included.  All costs for meals/tastings include tax and tip. 
How does it work?
Upon purchase of the Global Passport, you will receive the list of restaurants, dates and prices for each.  Additional opportunities throughout the year will be sent to registered global passport dinner holders.    
Then you select which one(s) work for you and register on-line, pre-paying for the meal.  

Only those who have purchased a global passport ( or are a paying member of Global Ties Akron) are eligible to register for the dinners.  We will accept registrations until the space is filled. We generally have a limit from 20 – 40 people depending on the location. 
How do I register and pay for my passport?
We accept Debit card, Mastercard or Visa via on-line Paypal payments.  Checks and cash are not accepted. The charge on your card will say “Global Ties Akron”.  ADD REGISTER NOW BUTTON

Any individual who has purchased the passport, pre-registered and pre-paid for the specific meal may join us.  Ages 12 and up, are able to join us for this set meal.* 

What do I wear?  
There is generally no dress code unless others stated in the overview of the dinner you are selecting.  At times, depending on the location of the dinner, particularly if it will be in a place of worship, we will share any special requests from the facility hosting.

What if I can not join you that evening but I registered?  
There are no refunds, however, if you would like to give your “seat” to someone else, then you may let us know 24 hours in advance who that person will be by emailing us at:  globalpassportakron@gmail.com
* Important Note:

We are sorry, we are not able to accommodate special requests such as dietary restrictions or order off the menu if you join us and do not like what is served. No refunds will be provided.

Questions?  Contact us at globalpassportakron@gmail.com or by calling the Global Ties Office at 330-972-8296.