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Global Ties Akron offers a variety of programs. One of the most important programs we offer is The International Leadership Delegation program. This program brings in delegates and diplomats from other countries to the United States and shows the the unity we have in this country regardless of religion. In 2014, there was a group who came from Turkey and learned about how the disabled are cared for in this country. In Turkey, if someone is disabled, they are most likely an outcast and will live in poverty forever. This program shows those who have a source of power within the country that citizens who may not be fully functioning can still make an impact on society and rise above the stereotype that they will not be valued citizens in society.

Another program that is offered is the Know Your Community Know Your World Program. This program has a data base with various people who live in the area who are from different countries. When local elementary schools are learning about a certain country, this program sends one of the people from the data base to the school so the students can learn from someone who grew up in that country what the place is really like. This is important for students to see how people are able to integrate themselves into society even though they are originally from another country.

Both of these programs encompass what Global Ties stands for which is linking the Akron area with people from all over the world. By teaching diplomats how we integrate people from various religions into one society and how the disabled are able to function actively, we are helping them build their own communities. They will be able to take the information they learn and try to integrate it into their own countries. Also, the children who are learning from people who are not from The United States can take what they have learned and better the future society. These children are the next generation of leaders and our country will be best run by those who are educated about world issues by people from all over the world.