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Annual International Thanksgiving dinner

Hello there! We’re happy you stopped by our blog. Let us take this time to explain to you all the benefits of donating to Global Ties Akron.

First and foremost, Global Ties Akron is an organization that collaborates with international students and helps to form diplomatic ties with other countries. In the last year alone, they have represented 67 different countries. Global Ties brings culture right into our own backyard and allows us to connect with people we might not have otherwise.

Global Ties Akron is a non-profit, meaning that they do not bring in any income for the work that they do. They do not charge for their services, making them more accessible. The students that they are helping have often never been to American before and would not be able to participate if payment was required.

Their workers are mostly on a volunteer basis, meaning that they do not receive compensation either. The people who volunteer recognize how important Global Ties Akron is to the community and how much good they do for the international students that they assist. The support of these volunteers is what enables them to run a smooth operation, and it also gets the community more involved.

All of this information means that Global Ties Akron operates off of government grants and donations. The work that they do is vital to our community, and even more vital to the international students that it benefits.

The more funding that Global Ties Akron has, the more they can do to help not only the students that they bring over, but our community. Any donations that they receive will go toward the betterment of our community, and that is why you should consider Global Ties Akron as the organization that receives your donation.