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Welcome to Akron,  Ohio!!

Welcome to Akron, Ohio!!

Globalization is usually used in terms of business when a company wants to expand globally.

The definition of globalize is: to make global, to make worldwide in scope or application, according to Merriam-Webster’s.

So, why globalize Akron?

Globalization is not just a way to expand markets or strengthen the economy, in our case, it will improve our community relationally, internationally.

Akron has much to offer. It is a growing community, always looking for what is new and what is next, we know this. Global Ties Akron wants to help its community expand by inviting in delegations and students from around the world to educate us and partner with us to expand our own community. By hosting delegations and educational programs in our schools, we are changing the way our community will function to one with a global perspective.

Here are three reasons why we want to #GlobalizeAkron:

  1. The world is becoming international.

Through easier communication connections worldwide, the world is quickly becoming smaller. We are able to talk, trade, and sell much easier with international partners than ever before. Akron can benefit from experience socializing and welcoming international relationships. Again, Akron has much potential. To learn become international would benefit our culture, our economy, and our friendships worldwide.

  1. Communities benefit from expanded culture.

Different perspective, experience from all walks of life, and new opportunity are just a few ways our culture can benefit from hosting international delegations and students. Akron can welcome new views, not to change them, but to consider and reassess our ways of life. The world has so much to offer, as well as Northeast Ohio. We can help others change the world starting here, in Akron.

  1. Friendships miles away.

Have you ever wanted to travel to see new places and meet new people? Then, life comes along and makes those opportunities fade fast. Global Ties wants to bring the international to your doorstep. Our programs introduce you to Russia, Afghanistan, Brazil, etc. so that you can become acquainted with those experiences you never thought you would have – even your children can start learning about what the world has to offer.

Global Ties Akron is committed to Akron and our international friends. We are thankful for the experience we get to host international leaders while introducing our community to new ideas and ways of life.