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First Weeker's Program provides a 'soft landing' for international UA students

First Weeker’s Program provides a ‘soft landing’ for international UA students

Host families are crucial to Global Ties Akron because they provide a place to stay for international visitors, most especially international students attending The University of Akron. But host families are also much more than a place to stay. Host families provide a home away from home for visitors. Lasting relationships and memorable experiences are made. We were fortunate to talk to a host family member, Tammy Dixon. Read below to learn about her and her families experience as a host:

My family has hosted 5 and a half international students! We have hosted 2 young ladies from South Korea, 3 students from Venezuela and we shared responsibilities of hosting a young man from France! Every experience has been different, but everyone has been totally positive and wonderful! I don’t know if the students who come to Akron are just the most appreciative, kindest people in the world, or if we were magically always matched with students who fit right into our family, but it is amazing how quickly the students become a part of our family.

My advice to other families is that you do not have to wait until you have time to host, or until your house is perfectly clean, or until you have an empty room. I think it is best for the student to see how you really live, become a part of what is going on in your daily life. I cannot begin to explain what I have experienced through this because it is beyond words. I have learned so much about people and the politics of the world around us. I am in touch with all of the students we hosted. My daughter studied in South Korea for a semester and she was able to visit with both of the students who we had hosted in Akron.”-Tammy Dixon

Becoming a host family is one way that a person or family can volunteer for Global Ties Akron. To learn more, visit http://www.globaltiesakron.org/programs-services/first-weekers-program/