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Global Ties Akron is in partnership to bring international students to Northeast Ohio. International students do not only benefit Akron, but the students as well. Meet one of the most recent students visiting our corner of America who answered some questions about his stay…

Olzhas OJ Yestekov is from Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan — “Yes, Kazakhstan is real country.”

Olzhas came to Akron because of the highly rated school of accountancy, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and, of course, King James.

How do you benefit from Akron?

Olzhas has greatly appreciated his time in Akron. He feels that he has benefitted in many ways, especially educationally and culturally. He, “fell in love with Ohio and with its stunning nature” in particular.

What’s the biggest difference between your home country and Akron?

“The weather! I am from a country with extreme weather conditions. In Kazakhstan, winters are extremely cold and summers are very hot. In Akron, it is a lot warmer during winter and colder during summer.”

(Can you even imagine a place more severe than Northeast Ohio?)

OJ Teaching 6th graders at Jennings CLC in Akron about Kazakhstan

OJ Teaching 6th graders at Jennings CLC in Akron about Kazakhstan

What do you like most about Akron?

“I like the kind people I met in Akron. I also like the interesting mix of cultures. I also think it is the perfect location of the city in the country as whole. It is close to East Coast, Midwest and Canada! The CAK airport is close and convenient. And of course Akron is a very cozy and affordable city.”

Where is your favorite place in Akron?

“Cascade Valley Park and highland square are my favorite places in Akron.”

Lastly, what do you wish to take back from Akron?

“The entrepreneurship spirit of the city and four all-season high quality rubber tires.”