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1000 Cr1000 Craanes for Peace was created in honor of an Asian Legend. According to this legend, whenever 1000 Origami cranes are created, one wish can be granted. This legend was brought to life when Sadako Sasaki, a World War II survivor and young girl, wanted to fold 1000 cranes so she could grant the wish of saving her own life.

From Sadako’s story, Origami cranes have become a large symbol of peace in numerous countries. Her story has inspired people all over the world to fold and display origami cranes as a symbol of peace. There is also a memorial statue of Sadako in the Hiroshima Peace Park where millions of cranes are folded and created year-round. This statue honors her, as well as countless war victims. There is a plaque attached to the beautiful statue that reads: “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace on Earth.”

Global Ties Akron full-heartedly agrees with this statement, so much so that we continuously participate in the wonderful cause toward spreading peace in our community and all over the world, one crane at a time. We do this by joining forces with our community through places such as Glover Community Learning Center, International Connection, One World Festival, and The University of Akron. People involved make thousands of folded cranes that people can sponsor or purchase. Global Ties Akron uses these cranes’ proceeds to donate to places in need throughout our community, Hiroshima Peace Park, refugee camps all around the world, and any other cause to help bring peace and goodwill to the world we live in.